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Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services
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Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services - Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services to protect against data loss and data theft
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Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services

Why is the Cloud creating so much Security Buzz?

Cloud computing offers many advantages for both personal and enterprise use. Cloud services and cloud file storing and synchronizing are expanding in enterprise working environments because they allow unlimited storage of files by a simple click of a button. The easy access from employees’ computers, smartphones or tablets is another factor that makes cloud applications so popular.

But there are also concerns and data security vulnerabilities that need to be addressed when it comes to cloud services use. Cloud apps allow instant sharing of any data and sensitive content to third parties. Without proper measures, company’s most valuable data can end up in the wrong hands. They also enable storing of unencrypted sensitive data and once data is there, it is difficult to trace and detect data leakage. What’s relatively new is the emergence of Shadow IT which means that cloud apps and services are outside the ownership or control of IT organizations, even though the IT department is aware of their use.

This is how a grey area appears: employees use these apps because they are convenient and they are already familiar with them from their personal use, but they do not report it to IT or if they do, the IT department doesn’t have the tools to control their use, without prohibiting them completely. Studies show that only 7 percent of companies that block cloud apps also know which shadow IT cloud apps are in use at their organization*.

Shadow IT is a threat that will increase with the development of more and more cloud applications and so is the virtual storage space which is here to stay and it has become the IT security matter for network administrators, CSOs or IT Managers.

* Source: Cloud Security Alliance

Now the question is…

How to protect your company data against the Cloud Threat?

The Content-Aware Data Loss Prevention solution for Cloud Services by Endpoint Protector gets everything covered through:

  • The Content Aware Protection feature, which enables a detailed and in depth inspection, detection, blocking and reporting of all sensitive content transferred to Cloud Services like:

    • Dropbox
    • iCloud
    • Google Drive
    • SugarSync
    • Microsoft OneDrive
    • Etc....

    allowing you to know at any time who, how and what data goes out (or tried to get out) towards the cloud.
Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services

  1. The Device Control feature, which adds additional protection by controlling how and what sensitive company data content stored on removable (e.g. USB Drive) and mobile devices can reach the virtual space.

  2. The Enforced Encryption feature, which offers automatic military-grade encryption of all data copied on removable storage devices.

How it works?

Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Services
User attempts to upload a file to a cloud service
Content is inspected before upload to the cloud
If sensitive content is detected, violating a policy, the incident is reported and/or blocked
Data transfer is stopped to protect company information and logged for later auditing

Our Products:

Endpoint Protector

Endpoint Protector

On-premise Data Loss Prevention available as hardware or virtual appliance
  • Device Control (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Content Aware Protection (for Windows, Mac and Linux)
  • Mobile Device Management (for Android and iOS)

My Endpoint Protector

My Endpoint Protector

Cloud-based Data Loss Prevention available anywhere, anytime
  • Device Control (for Windows and Mac)
  • Content Aware Protection (for Windows and Mac)
  • Mobile Device Management (for Android and iOS)

Our customers include industry leading companies:

CoSoSys Customers



Endpoint Protector 4 wins the DLP Solution of the Year Award for the second year in a row at Computing Security Awards 2015Endpoint Protector 4 receives Common Criteria EAL2 Certification

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