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Here you can find our older products, now discontinued, but still available for download and support.
Secure it Easy

Secure it Easy

Secure it Easy will help you protect your PC from all threats posed by portable devices that are connected via the USB port. As a Secure it Easy user you will experience the convenience and efficiency of working with your TrustedDevices routinely, while knowing your PC is protected. Secure it Easy gives you full control over your PCs endpoints.

Secure it Easy has now become Endpoint Protector Basic, give it a try!

Secure it Easy Datasheet (English)     - pdf 330.4 Kb
Secure it Easy Datasheet (Deutsch)     - pdf 138.5 Kb
Secure it Easy Manual     - pdf 2.6 MB
Surf it Easy

Surf it Easy

Surf it Easy lets you go wherever you want to and leaves no traces behind. All the data related to Internet browsing (Cookies, Cache, History) is stored on the Flash Drive/MP3 Player and can be deleted afterwards.

Surf it Easy has a bigger brother, Carry it Easy +Plus, take a look!

Surf it Easy Datasheet     - pdf 291.2 Kb
Surf it Easy Manual     - pdf 190.9 Kb
Easy SlideShow

Easy SlideShow

Easy SlideShow turns your favorite pictures, and favorite music, into a great SlideShow, all with an intuitive user interface. Now everybody can make their own SlideShows and share them with family and friends.

Easy SlideShow Datasheet     - pdf 333.8 Kb
Easy SlideShow Manual     - pdf 281.4 Kb